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Garima Maheshwari

Garima Maheshwari
L&T Realty

Garima Maheshwari graduated in Chemistry honors from Delhi University and thought she would make a career as a researcher. But she found out that she was more interested in management, therefore she chose to do her MBA in Real estate and Urban Infrastructure (REUI) and got placed with Larsen & Toubro. We are sharing with you a quick interview that we conducted to get her feedback.

How did you come to know about RICS SBEWhat made you go for MBA in REUI at RICS SBE?
I came to Amity University to take admission in MBA – General and had applied for it but at that time a seminar was going on in the college about RICS SBE. I happened to attend that seminar where I got to know about RICS SBE. When I attended the seminar, I got to know about the growing scope in Real Estate sector and the opportunities which made me opt for the MBA in REUI since I always never very keen to do a general MBA.
How was your experience while learning at RICS SBE?
My overall experience of learning at RICS SBE was very good. The faculty here is very nice, understanding and friendly.
Why would you recommend RICS SBE to others?
·         Faculty is very good and friendly
·         Industry exposure
·         Sufficient chances to learn and express our talents and skills
·         Excellent infrastructure
How was your internship experience?
I did my internship in Knight Frank (India) Pvt. Ltd – Bangalore in Residential Sales and Marketing. I learned many skills like – presentation skills, problem solving skills, marketing skills etc.
 Tell us about your placement experience? What are your future plans?
The pre-placement process helped me a lot to prepare well to go through the interviews in the best way possible. I applied for a job in L&T realty, Mahindra Lifespaces and CBRE. I got a job in sales and marketing in L&T realty. I’m clear about my future plans. I’m going to do job in L&T for 2 years in marketing and sales and learn about the market and work after which I plan to switch to an IPC.

Being a girl, where do you think there is opportunity in this sector? 
The real estate services industry is a great sector for woman to work in. Knight Frank, in particular, appreciates and understands that women bring a unique set of capabilities and instincts to professional life. Women who want to pursue real estate as a full-time profession should join an organization which has a well-entrenched gender diversity ethos, provides equal opportunities to all and practices the highest ethical standards.