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Miti Agarwal

Miti Agarwal

The huge job opportunities presented by the Industry are inspiring an increasing number of girls to opt for a career in real estate. Miti Agarwal finished her Bachelors in architecture and decided that she wanted to do an MBA in Construction Project Management (CPM).  Her efforts have already got her a job with Leighton and with continued hard work she’ll surely reach the top. She tells all about her ambitions and goals.
My aspirations
My father is a steel fabricator and he introduced me to the field of real estate.  I finished my architectural degree from Lucknow. Incidentally, my sister is also an architect.  I wanted to excel in the field of construction management and my father has always been very supportive of my career choice. My plan in life is to set up my own firm in architecture and project management. I want to deliver end to end projects right from design to construction.
Why an MBA in CPM from RICS SBE
I wanted to learn more about the construction industry, project estimation, budgeting, costing and I could get all this from a post-graduation in CPM. I came to know about RICS SBE from my senior and I saw the advantages that I would get by doing my MBA from here.
My experience at RICS SBE
These two years of learning have transformed me as a person. Other than my academic learning, I learnt a lot through practical knowledge and communication skills. When I joined this MBA, I was scared to stand out but now I am more confident. I can win people with my presentations and negotiation skills. I have developed strong communication and people skills which will help me build my business in future. I am thankful to my professors who helped me to gain confidence through soft skills development especially Saumya Ma’am who ensured that I was completely ready for the placement interviews.