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Study one semester at University of Salford, UK

The School has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with University of Salford, UK to support research, course development and student exchanges. The University brings its world leading expertise in the construction and built environment.

As part of this MoU, students have the option to study one semester at University of Salford, UK

Under the MoU, RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University and University of Salford have agreed academic cooperation in the following areas

  • Exchange of students
  • Exchange of faculty members and staff
  • Promotion of joint lectures, seminars and workshops
  • Exchange of information and academic publications
  • Collaboration on joint research projects
  • Joint student internships
  • Joint “capstone” (terminal) projects
  • Access to learning resources 

Commenting on this initiative, Professor Martin Hall, Vice-Chancellor, University of Salford said: “Having worked together with RICS in the past, this MoU opens up significant potential for developing new links between the UK and India and producing research and graduates which benefit both countries.”

About The School of Built Environment, University of Salford, UK
The School of Built Environment, Salford University is UK's premier location for studying undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and researching the built environment. With 68 academic staff, many of whom are recognised as leading thinkers in their field, the School’s teaching and research are ranked amongst the very best in the UK and its graduates are considered as highly employable, where 97% of postgraduate students and 87% of bachelor's students are in employment by graduation or go on to further study.
The School also offers world-class research opportunities for professional development. The research arm of the school is the UK's most successful. Research themes embrace information communication technology, management, and the environment.
It also has a long tradition of international engagement and is dedicated to sustaining and encouraging progression with its international partners with whom the school works very closely on several dimensions. The School’s international portfolio represents the many stakeholders that it engages with and it is very much a tribute to the international community.
For more info, visit the website of School of Built Environment, University of Salford
Study one semester abroad at University of Salford – Ayush Jain