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Any doubt? Speak out

Many problems can be easily solved simply by speaking out to a right person. To help you make an informed decision we provide opportunities to interact with faculty and industry experts through our webinars.

These webinars are free of cost and span for a duration of 1 to 1.5 hours (Mon to Fri). You get an opportunity to clear your doubts, find answers and discover ways to align your aspirations with education. It can be a great relief to talk freely to someone knowledgeable enough to guide you and be in a better position to decide.

Each webinar is different from another, be it the counsellor or the theme of the webinar. You get an opportunity to understand:

  • The wide ambit of real estate and construction sector
  • Futuristic careers you can pursue in this sector
  • Role of RICS and its accredited programs
  • Skills required for successful careers
  • Kind of companies you can work with
  • Our specialized programs and their distinction


Date & time  Upcoming Webinar
29 June, 3pm Thursday  Why make a career in Facilities Management?


Date & time  Upcoming Webinar
Not scheduled Keep watching this space for upcoming webinar

If you have missed the previous opportunities to attend one, fill up the form below and reserve your seat for the next one now.


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