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Shashank Vashistha

Valuations & Advisory, DTZ

RICS SBE provided the platform to choose among the top real estate companies for our internship according to our interest areas. Particularly for me, I am more into numbers so I chose valuation and did my internship with DTZ Gurgaon in Advisory and Valuation. As part of the team, I was given the opportunity to carry out different valuation assignments which include retail, residential, commercial, warehouse etc for which I had to travel to different places in order to gather data. This helped me understand closely the market trends of various other market apart from Delhi-NCR. It helped me enhance both my confidence as well as knowledge and thus, I got the clue how the work is done professionally in this sector. Work culture is outstanding at DTZ, since they have global practices and presence.

I worked really hard and sincerely during my internship. Impressed with my performance; DTZ extended me a PPO (Pre Placement Offer) with a good package which I gladly accepted. I am really thankful to RICS SBE for providing an excellent platform to get a reputed job, especially Mr. Sachin Sandhir and other faculty members whose mentoring helped me to choose my profile according to my interest area and begin my career with a top IPC.