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Placement summary: MBA 2013-15 batch

The first placement season at RICS SBE has reinforced our strong proposition of being a truly industry led institution, that shapes well qualified & employable techno-managerial professionals - much needed in the fast growing real estate & construction sector.

Key highlights below. Download placement report for more details

With placement committment of many employers from day one, RICS SBE invited various companies to visit the campus for pre-placement talks, to share requirements for vacant positions and handpick students that best suited those roles. 

Given the strong demand of specialised professionals and the quality of talent available at RICS SBE, nearly 85% of the MBA batch was placed within the placement fortnight in December 2014. Not a result that many institutions can boast of, for their first batch!

By beginning of April 2015, this number has reached 98% with only few students evaluating offers and expected closure soon.

All students have been placed in a variety of roles in organisations spanning - international property consulting firms, big four consulting firms, construction contracting firms, developers, banks & housing finance institutions etc.

The average salary offered to our students has been Rs. 6.7 lakh, with the highest offer of Rs. 13 lakh. In contrast to the average salary of MBA degree holders (with 1 to 4 year experience) in India, is Rs 3.7 lakh (source: payscale.com - as of Dec 2014).

We take pride in being able to shape the careers of all bright students who believed in RICS SBE and thrust their careers to us. With student interest & preference being the primary driver, the placement team worked towards ensuring students chose an employment offer they were happy with -  in terms of organisation, role and salary.

Even the job profiles offered to students were diverse and varied. Our students will join the workforce in profiles like valuations, advisory, consulting, contracts, client finance, housing finance, project management, systems & process, business developments, facility management, sales, marketing and leasing.
If you have any questions, please email us at ricssbe@rics.org.