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Preparing for Placements 

Each year, our academic as well as placement teams make concerted efforts to prepare our students for the corporate world. We maintain the tradition of rigorous pre placements activities to make students aware of the selection procedure.

As the placement season begins, we conduct systematic training sessions that include regular soft skills training, one to one guidance, site visits, expert talks on specific subjects, full day placement clinics and workshop followed by mock interviews that help our students prepare for final placements.

This series of planned activities usually begins in the first week of August and concludes with the start of placements in November.

One-to-one sessions

Detailed ‘one to one sessions’ are conducted early in the semester and it sets the ground for further development and communication. These sessions help in mapping a student's individual skill set with his/her career aspirations. Students also undergo a thorough SWOT analysis, which makes their profiling crystal clear. They are guided on how to work on their weaknesses and augment their strengths.

Students also conduct presentations on what they have learnt in their summer internships and the placement team helps in honing their skills.

Soft Skills Training

As part of the first and most important aspect of pre-placement process, students are taught the importance of body language, civility, tone and how to overcome objections. Students are introduced to the importance of self-image, corporate dressing, business etiquette, communication and presentation skills, selling skills, negotiation skills, closing skills.

Every year, there has been excellent feedback from students regarding the soft skill guidance provided by external image consultants. The mock group discussions, interview etiquette and body language training helps them overcome their flaws.


Placement clinics and workshops

Placement Clinics (TPC) and Placement Workshops (PW) are also organized by the School.

Under this, core topics and skills are brushed upon by domain experts. For instance, we had Shailendra Nath, Sr. Associate Director, Asset Services, CBRE to speak and quiz our students on Facilities Management and Mr. Virender Singh, Regional Head HSE, SPCL to speak on ‘Safety in International Projects.’ These sessions help students to understand how theoretical knowledge is applied in real world.

Mock Interview

In the last leg of the preparation process, mock interviews and group discussions are organized. Conducting mock interviews proves to be of immense help to find out the strengths & shortcomings of a student in an actual scenario.

In our quest to attain excellence, we exclusively engage a panel of two external experts to conduct the mock interviews and the feedback forms from these interviewers are issued to each student for self-assessment.

As these are individualistic in nature, it closes the circle with proper skill set matching with job profiles of all students. Each student is guided as per their performance and their queries are resolved.

November onwards companies start pouring in the campus. Our students are constantly motivated through various on & off campus activities that boosts their morale. Students are kept well informed and regularly advised on the importance of maintaining good academic performance as that plays a major role during placements.

The institution focuses on overall grooming and personality development as an essential aspect of training during the pre-placement activities. The pre-placement training prepares students to handle interviews and placement processes and emerge successful.