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Saumya Budhiraja


Coming from a Maths background, see how Saumya Budhiraja evolved her people skills and transformed from an introvert to a great communicator while learning at RICS SBE. So much so that during placements, employers found her more capable for Sales & Marketing role instead of behind the desk jobs like valuations. Know more about her story.

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“I did my B.Sc (Maths) Hons from Delhi University. I was about to join a generic MBA course in Bangalore when I got aware of this specialized MBA program from RICS SBE. I selected MBA in REUI and took it upon myself to learn as much as I can in these two years. The rewards of this learning are now evident to everyone. During my internship with HVS in Consulting & Valuation, I got my first corporate exposure and was involved in the valuation of two different kinds of hotels. This further strengthened my interest in this field.

When the companies came in for placements, I was determined to make my mark with my number skills. Though I was aware that I have picked up soft skills and people skills during the course of two years but I still felt more at ease with numbers. So I applied for CBRE, Supertech Limited, Tata Housing and Experion hoping to land up a similar to valuations and asset management role. What happened next, took me my surprise. 3 out of the four companies I applied for found my communication skills more stronger and relevant to the job role. For instance, Supertech Limited found me more competent for the Sales & Marketing role and offered me so. But I declined.

The same thing happened with Experion. I took help from my faculty and placement team. They made me understand that my number crunching skills coupled with my terrific communication skills will make me an asset for the employer in Sales & Marketing and so I was repeatedly offered such roles. When I realized this, I willingly took up the Sales & Marketing offer extended by Experion.

For girls like me, I just want to say that if boys can do it, why can’t we? After all we are better managers and organizers in all fields. Leave your inhibitions behind and join the workforce in built environment. ”