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International Certificate in Leadership for Real Estate Development

A unique course created for real estate professionals looking to position themselves as leaders in the industry. The benefit of the course is its holistic nature, taking an end-to-end view of the property lifecycle and combining this with the leadership skills necessary to succeed. Through individual coaching and attendance at a five day residential setting, you will gain the skills and knowledge to take the next step as a property leader.

Duration: 3 months
Mode: Face to face residential
Location: London, Dubai, Americas


Course structure

Step 1:
Complete an online RICS 360 feedback survey developed from the RICS competency framework.
This will allow us to match you to a suitable leadership coach and will form the basis of your development plan for the course.
Step 2:
Meet with your leadership coach
Prior to the 5-day residential, you will discuss the results of your 360 with your dedicated leadership coach. Together you will identify and set goals which will form the basis of a development plan.
Step 3:
Attend 5-day residential
Group sessions will be led by experienced leadership coaches and technical experts, and will develop thematically on the leadership competency framework. Leadership content on each day will be embedded into the five stages of the property lifecycle. During the course, you will use your personal development plan as a reference to chart your progress, with guidance and input from your leadership coach. This will culminate in an action plan specifically tailored to you and your company.
Step 4:
Implement action plan
Return to work and implement your personal action plan into your daily role.
Step 5:
Meet with your leadership coach
After implementing the action plan, you will have a follow up session with your leadership coach to revisit your development objectives, discuss progress and understand how to build on these in the following months and indeed for the length of your career.
Step 6:
Join the RICS Executive Education Alumni Association
Through online forums and social networks, you will be able to maintain relationships developed during the course and also meet peers attending similar programmes around the world.

Who is this course for?

The course is suitable for senior professionals with experience within real estate and the built environment including developers, surveyors, investors, local authorities and real estate owners. Typical attendees will be executives, directors and senior managers, one or two reporting lines below CEO.
Whether you are looking to develop your technical property knowledge or your leadership skills, this course is for you. Combat two daily challenges in one inclusive course.
To foster a dynamic learning environment for all delegates, we encourage applicants from a range of industries, countries, and backgrounds. You will need to be able to demonstrate relevant business experience and leadership potential.

Admission requirements

  • Minimum 12 years work experience
  • Basic knowledge of the five core topics of property development: market analysis, finance for real estate, project management, facilities and operational management and asset management.
  • Demonstrated management experience
  • Proficiency in business English

Benefits for you

Effective leaders are integral to the success of any business. Improved strategic technical planning will help you to achieve results within your role and to ensure the long term success of your projects.
  • Improve strategic decision making skills by developing a thorough understanding of the property development lifecycle and your business’s place within it.
  • Build the confidence to lead strategic change and make a positive impact in the boardroom.
  • Develop leadership skills using a problem-solving approach to case studies and real world examples.
  • Practice leadership skills in a controlled environment.
  • Increase impact and influence with people internal and external to the organization.
  • Meet and network with global decision makers within the industry in the form of technical experts, fellow delegates, and speakers. Develop and enhance these relationships after the course through online forums and discussions.
  • Drive operational efficiency by implementing a personal action plan specific to your role and business needs.
  • Become a leader who can motivate, inspire and empower teams.

Benefits for your organization

In a challenging global economy, the RICS Executive Education Programme represents a crucial investment in the ability of the people driving your organization to lead you to success.
  • Develop a leadership team that can motivate and engage staff driving top-down performance
  • Attract, retain, and manage executive talent.
  • Develop true leaders and ensure that the right people are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to fulfil their roles effectively.
  • Reduce unbudgeted change and increase cost certainty through improved strategic planning.
  • Address the threat of the skills gap to stay competitive in an ever more challenging business environment.
For details, visit academy.rics.org