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Thinking of succeeding in a career in construction, real estate or infrastructure? Here is some useful guidance on what to do. Have a look!

5 ways architects can upgrade their value

In this guide, you will learn more about:

  • the career challenges you are likely to face.
  • the skills you possess that the world needs.
  • ways in which you can harness your skills to overcome your challenges and upgrade your professional value.


8 managerial skills employers look for in civil engineers 

Increase your employability quotient by focussing on these success mantras.



13 tech tools for built environment

  • Discover the tools that you need to learn to stay in demand.
  • Plan the next steps for your career.
  • Make yourself an invaluable asset at every organisation you work with.


Careers in Built Environment

In this infographic, you will get to know about:

  • 1. How can you be part of Indian growth story?
  • 2. What careers are available for you to pursue?
  • 3. What will be your key responsibility in these careers?

Techno-managerial roles for civil engineers
Download career pathway for civil engineers with salary data. As a civil engineer you need to explore a career that will provide you with both success and upward career mobility.



Salary comparison data: Facilities Management

What you will get to know in this infographic:

  • 1. The market potential of facilities management and its future growth.
  • 2. Salary data for facilities managers versus other fields.


Life as a Quantity Surveyor

You become the man who wears various hats and controls the veins of the project. You know you are in demand and cost, time and law is at your command!



MBA vs MTech for a civil engineer
Download this infographic and compare the possible options that lie at the end of an M.Tech or an MBA degree.



Quantity Surveying – a powerful high demand profession

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, quantity surveying is for you. Download this career guide to understand the changing role of quantity surveyors.