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School of infrastructure

   D T V Raghu Rama Swamy
   Director, School of infrastructure,
   Research & Institutional Consultancy

The School of Infrastructure develops you as a complete infrastructure management professional with a thorough grounding in specific sector knowledge along with general management traits. You will study in detail the elements of infrastructure lifecycle that comprise conceptualization, planning, design & development, investment, government and private finance, delivery mechanisms, procurement & contract management, stakeholder relations, etc.

You will learn how to apply the principles to various sectors such as urban infrastructure (water supply, sewerage and sanitation, solid waste management), transportation (roads, airports, ports, rail, urban transport - bus rapid transport, metro rail systems), energy, oil and gas, telecom, rural infrastructure, tourism, industrial, commercial and social infrastructure.

The course will provide you with technical, managerial tools to enhance your data management & decision making abilities and understand management processes relating to accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, business law, and computer applications.

It prepares you for career options in project management, consulting, policy making, business development, investment, financial analysis, and social sectors.
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