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Travel 6 Asian cities in one month in Asian Cities Program, REACh

We believe that international exposure plays a major role when you want to succeed in today’s globalized economy - especially in the world of built environment, where there is much to learn from developed economies and similar challenges to deal with as faced by developing countries.

We have therefore partnered with Real Estate Academy of China (ReaCH) to offer our students, the opportunity to travel to six Asian cities to get a flavour of real estate and construction markets there. 

Our students have the option, at an additional cost, to partake in a series of industry case studies conducted in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore over 2-4 weeks.


The fieldwork will be conducted by REAch and would involve visits to projects and interaction with industry experts. Case studies will be carried out in groups.
They will cover a range of property and construction topics including project inception, project finance, project valuation and appraisal, development appraisal, urban planning policies and permits, project procurement and delivery, construction planning and management, construction technology and services, construction methods and equipment, construction and leasing contracts, and associated legal matters.
Participation in reach will provide invaluable international insights; hands-on experience in six of the most important regional centers, addressing all of the major challenges facing the real estate and construction industries. These programmes will provide a skills base and tool-kit to embrace the global challenge and move the industry forward in the 21st century.